Imagine you are at the beach. Or if you can't, just reach a beach. How does that feel?

The wind, the breeze, the atmosphere that embrace you with its grandeur and magnanimity - yes, it's the sea. A sea, perhaps an ocean, where all the rivers meet and great for they dissolve into one single blue.

You sit there on the sand, and then you see a stick floating in the water.
You want to draw something on the sand, doesn't the sea, its waves inspire you?
Perhaps, you just experience the beauty of the sea and sit by the waves until your satisfaction pours in and keeps you filled with peace and joy of the nature.

Perhaps, you want to share your experience, the beautiful experience, by the sea and the love, and the profundity it holds.
Maybe it inspires you to write a poem, a thought - an elaborated and embroidered one, or perhaps a story!
The waves you see in the sea, don't they inspire you? Or the waves that you hold inspire you more, for expression?

We, the team of BlogBug present before you a platform on the cloud for your write ups, poems, or any other forms of literary expression.

The clouds are supposed to be on the sky so that everyone can behold.
And, the sky is here.

I welcome you all!