“A horizon of grey clouds”

Insecurities closes doors for those unfiltered feelings
and all that is left in between is seized by self
consciousness and second thoughts. She lived in a
town which was known to a few, where people hardly
saw any sunshine in their lifetime. Dwellers of the
“City of Dead”
, everything here was in black and white
“A horizon of grey clouds and
Crippled crimson skies”
A twist of fate. Some once-in-a-lifetime dream come
true. There was you ; in all shades of colours she
never knew. With every word you exchanged you
would lend her a colour and helped her paint her sky.
At the end of the day when the sun comes down she
never imagined that some crippled crimson sky could
ever be this splendid.
“A horizon of grey clouds and
crippled crimson skies
and undying memories”
For she belonged to the “City of Dead”
, she was a
“flawed” since birth, belonging to somewhere where
the water tastes like blood, the ground beneath her
feet was bruised and the horizon of grey clouds was
nothing to ever be amused. The birds here screamed,
the flowers here bled and there she was painting her
skies crimson. Never realising that no matter how
much she coloured and covered it with all sorts of
paint, her skies are always going to be crippled.
“A horizon of grey clouds and
crippled crimson skies and
undying memories and
my heavy heart”
Her skies screeched and split whenever your laughs
echoes through her head. The flowers beside your
picture on her table bleed everytime she pictures you
in her head. The ground beneath her feet cracks, they
were right, she was a nightmare.No matter how much
the sunshine tried to cleanse her sins away, she was a
a living curse.
Weaving problems into prose.
Wasting ink, instead of youth.