To Marching Forward.

@ Aarya

What is it that encourages you to keep going? 

Some of us are going to answer such question by saying that we are doing it for our parents, while some are gonna say to have a successful life or what not. Everyone is going to have a different anwers. 

One day I was asked this question too. Well. 

       We are all gonna be abandoned Someday, when we are old, In old age homes or in a isolated house, living alone with hundreds of cats, or just somewhere, where no one will ask us how are we doing.
          A day wil arrive, when we will be ready to cross this world, ready to move the other side, maybe after a long and fruitful life, Sitting on a rocking chair near the window, enjoying the light breeze, watching the sunset with a smile on our faces. 
           That day, we will finally realize. How are we here? We are with our strength, Willpower, and most importantly a will to live. We had finally crossed all the obstacles of our life, and now we are finally free, Free from the burden on our shoulders which had forever been with us from the very first breath we took. The burden of Living. Its a kind of burden to me really. We are born, then we walk and we run, learning the essentials of life, but then suddenly the meaning for life changes. To live we need to study, get a good job, earn money and what not. Working hard to gain these materialistic things makes us sick. So damn much that we forget how to live life. Maybe thats ths reason why people miss their childhood the most when they have reached adulthood.

            Someday when all of us are very old, on our deathbed, ready for the final judgement, we will smile, crying tears of relief that we finally and successfully made it through life. We had lived. We were happy and sad, we fell and we stood up. We had laughed and cried, we were naive and mature. We had learned from our mistakes and passed on our teachings to this world. We were done. Finally we were done. 

To meet such an easy end is what which keeps me going.

To be able to close my eyes and proudly say to myself.

"I did it"

Thank you.