– Meerjesh Basumatary

"Why do you have to start it again?" The teacher asked, "Who said to whom?" as he went to the third question. All the students raised their hands.

The teacher searched with his gleaming eyes. He said, "Ram! You stand and tell us the answers."

"Vikram said to Vetal." Everyone clapped their hands. The teacher knew that all of his students were aware of the answers.

"Okay, " the teacher said. "I'm 100% sure, all of you know the answers. Why not? The story is so interesting!"
"So, we have 10 mins more for the class to end.
"The homework for today is to complete all the answers and write. You can show me the next week. You can submit then."

"Yes, sir." The class rose a unison.
The teacher smiled wide, the truest of his.
"And yes, sorry for making you wait, the sweet prepared for Puskar's birthday will be distributed to all."

"Hurray!" The students roared with happiness. "All the kids were good and will follow a wonderful destiny." The teacher reminded himself.
He knew all were one. Soon, he distributed the sweets among the students, Puskar was not even
showing a sign of vanity. The teacher was happy to see such students with much demeanour. Soon,
everyone started leaving the school in a line.

Everyone had left except Pushkar. Pushkar waited for it was his turn to clean the classroom. Teachers headed their way to the staff room for their bags to leave the school.
Puskar kept cleaning the classroom. Despite his birthday, he didn't complain for he knew it was his duty that day.

The Principal soon steeped in the classroom, and said, " Puskar, your graciousness! You are a wonderful child. You must know and understand your value as a human and always stay true, the way you are.
"You've cleaned the classroom. It's all clean now. You can leave now."
Pushkar bowed to the principal as a sign of respect. The Principal smiled.
Puskar returned a joyful smile. Soon, he left the school with his bag.