Mornings in Paris

Dwellers of La Ville Lumière, yet we choose to stay
behind closed doors as the sun comes up. Busy
coffee shops bathed with the scent of freshly baked
cookies, the heavenly smell of warm coffee, the
pretty cherry blossoms by the river, the famous art
galleries around Rue de Rivoli, the colourful flower
shops by the 22nd avenue – beautiful little things i
never appreciated enough, because i was always up
in my tiny apartment with you turning your sorrows
into songs and me weaving my problems into
prose. With these pillow forts, fluffy blankets, little
fairylights, messy bedroom, leftovers from last night,
a fridge full of desserts to satisfy our cravings and a
heart full of unlimited amount of love to mend our
broken hearts – don’t we look like two punks of some
asthetic poetry?
Didn’t you wish too, for the verses of our poetry to
never end?
Years fast foward.
I roam around the streets of Rue de Rivoli. Marvelling
the beauty of the The Louvre museum. I even find
myself lost in the colours of the flowers blooming by
the 22nd avenue, the Cafe de Flore has become my
favourite place to satisfy the demands of my sweet
tooth and of course, the cherry blossoms still holds
the words of the song you mumbled every night. I
walk by the 29th street and smile as my bestseller
sits proudly by the old vintage bookshelves. My
sits proudly by the old vintage bookshelves. My
success tasted like sunshine. Happily I return back to
my old small apartment. Nothing has changed since
you’ve gone. The walls of these rooms have watched
me grow and knows me better then any human ever
have and probably ever will but they still remember
your familiar silhouette.
I switch on the radio as i sit by my table. “Young
British singer, Will Anderson, is performing tonight
at 7 by Les Disquaires, his new…” I instantly turn it
off. The familiar feeling of uneasiness overwhelms
me. I look at my watch. 6:20 p.m. Sighing deeply, I
run outside,my boots clicking harder against the cold
concrete every time i curse myself under my breath.
I really wish i hated you.