He was a very scared man, according to his wife but as he would describe himself, he was a very cautious man trying to avoid any danger or mishaps. And he had a full justification to his paranoia, nothing is certain in this world. Ramesh was a man in his late forties who used to live a happy life with his wife Laxmi and his two children.  It is not an everyday phenomenon that Ramesh used to live in fear but there are sudden wavs of fear that used to grip him tight making him aware of his surroundings like a rabbit.

    Nothing is certain, no one knows what might happen the very next day. Even the slightest of an unknown situation makes Ramesh get a chill down the spine. A few weeks ago one of his co worker, Gupta, died. That afternoon they even had lunch together and till then he was completely fine, a nice jolly man. But that evening as soon as Ramesh reached his house he got the news that Mr. Gupta was dead from a cardiac arrest. His own uncle, who was an active man himself and loved sports was found dead one unfaithfull night, A newspaper reported an incident where a Car lost its balnce and went off the road running over four bystanders killing them instantly.  All these instances made Ramesh paranoid of his environment.

    One evening while coming back from his office he saw his daughter sitting alone in the courtyard.
“Laxmi, Laxmi!” he called for his wife with a visible tone of fear and anger
“Why are you shouting so much?” said his wife as she appeared out of the house tying her hair
“Why is she sitting alone like this?” he said pointing to his daughter, “What were you doing even, and where is Arun”

    There was a visible annoyance over Laxmi’s face by the volley of questions, “Arun has gone to play cricket with his friends and I was in my room. And if not here, where will your daughter sit? In the middle of the road?” she replied angrily and walked in
“Nowadays these kid have started to play with the hard ball, made of wood, what if it hits Arun on his head” he thought to himself. He overheard his coworkers discusiing an instance once when a boy died while playing football due to a heat stroke. A deuce ball once hit a kid from the neighbourhood on his chest which landed him into a surgery.
That night while preparing to go to bed, Ramesh again got through to his world of Parnoid Waves, he tossed and turned around the bed and suddenly he sat up sraight, “Do you hear that noise” he asked to his wife.
“It must be the street dogs” his wife said half asleep.

    But Ramesh was asured that it was not just mere street dogs shouting but rather sounded like a huge crowd of people approaching, angrily, as if a Mob. Suddenly a strange thought gripped his mind, What if a violent mob was approaching to attack his neighbour Abdul.

    Abdul used to live with his family of his wife and two daughters just across the street.

    What if he is under an attack by a violent mob? Today its Abdul and his family, tommorow it could be Ramesh and his family. No he must do something before its too late.

    He suddenly got out of his bed, “Where are you going now?” his wife asked shocked and sleepy but he did not even bothered to answer as if he was a whole different person. As he walked out of the door, the strange fear that used to grip Ramesh also seemed to leave him.