Delicious night

Tasmiah Azad

“I Want a guy who can make this night, the night I will never forget”.

Her words zapped like an electric shock straight to his groin. The brown of her eyes gleamed, the passionate curve of her lips seduced him.

They walk across the room, her mouth covering his in urgency, her tongue wandered inside his mouth, teeth and lips. Every sense of her surged,  she was drowned in the taste, touch and smell of man’s sweet perfection.
His mouth devoured her throat, leaving a trail of cold, wet sensation. He reached for her dress’ neckline, pulling it down revealing her plump breast that awaits his kneading caress and attention. He slithered his tongue to the first mound, then the next, while groaning with a pure male’s satisfaction.
Half dazed, she can barely recognize his long arm that snaked it’s way around her back, the other lifting her thigh. The heat, the heat of his palm swept over her skin, she might burst into flames. She was pulled towards him wanting. She opened her legs and wrapped him tight. He embraced them with an unstoppable desire.
It was erotically invasive.
This time her fingers curled on his collar, down the buttons of his shirt. The curvature of her lips made it’s way downward, opened, and his perfectly sculpted chest appeared. She licked him, every part of his tough abdomen making him moan out her name
Now is the time,
She went back to his throat. She tried to push him against the wall, leaned. Her fingers played with the sensitive spot under his ears. Her mouth, her teeth went on his neck, veins particularly.
Her fangs suck
Delicious said she sucking every damn drop of blood from his body