Butterflies fly away

   I was taught the definition of love too soon and I would say it was also wrong; they said it was when you feel butterflies in your tummy when you see a boy, know that it is love; when a person is too attractive to give you an inferiority complex, know that it is love; when a guy takes you to expensive places and gifts you frequently,know that it is love. Lame right? But who knew that butterflies never settle at a place. They fly away leaving you all gloomy, disgusted and disappointed. You start questioning why were you so incompetent for that feeling to stay forever. Alas! Someone truly said happieness doesn't last long. The roads down Zoo Road Tiniali( A busy place amidst Guwahati city) still holds fresh memories of him and they run down my mind every day when I walk on it. 8,808 hours (6 years) ago I first met the very flamboyant soul in my life, my bestfriend, Arya Borthakur; son of the most respected professor of the infamous Guwahati University. I still remember, he was wearing an olive green t-shirt, black jacket and a pair of black jeans. He stood out of the crowd with his extraordinary shades and amazingly enough, it caught my attention.

Oh did I introduce myself?I suppose not. I am Raina Phukan. A practicing lawyer now at the prestigious High Court of Guwahati. This is my story. I was born and bought up here in Guwahati and I don't regret an inch of it. My mother served as a doctor for 36 long years and my father is a well established businessman. I am the alumni of St Marys Higher Secondary School, Guwahati and also the National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam. I will narrate the various ups and downs of my not so boring life and most importantly how I met the person who taught me unknowingly the true meaning of SRK's famous dialogue "Pyaar Dosti Hein!" Yeah I know it sounds pretty cliche but maybe it is the most beautiful truth of my life.
Throughout my childhood till my teenage, I grew up being surrounded my many beautiful and successful ladies. Starting from my mother, my teachers, the principal and my friends (not all but a few duh). Their achievement made me envy them; and hence I grew up to be pretty ambitious about my goals and career. It was a Sunday I remember quite well, I had just finished setting my room at the university hostel just when my roomate, Nikita, an old friend of mine comes up to me and asked me to join her at a local tea stall for a plate of Maggie and a cup of flavor some tea. As I was starving I didn't hesitate much but was quick enough to grab my purse and hurriedly put on my flippers. Just when I was sipping on the hot tea, a boy with extraordinary shades caught my attention. Yes that guy was none other than Arya Borthakur. Nikita introduced him to me from a distance, "Stay away from him, he is a jerk. He is senior tho but yeah just stay away from him." She said it in the most hysteric way possible and I couldn't stop but laugh. Thats when I caught his attention. He lowered down his shades and good son of God Jesus Christ, he had the most ravening pair of eyes. I didn't realize when he came and sat on the very opposite bench to us and started introducing himself to which I only replied, " God your eyes! How? "
"Excuse me?", he said.
"Oh, I mean" I said coming back to the normal scenario,"Hi, I am Riana, 1st year, B.A.L.L.B."

And who knew that one laugh could change almost everything. We became such great friends that professors termed us to be the new Jay Veeru of NLUJA. Back in Guwahati we stayed close by each others place and i.e. Zoo Road tiniali. We went on walks together, tried new things together, our families became close and it was almost impossible to seperate us. Rumours started blooming in our college about us dating but we never did. Funnily enough we even did our internships together. In those initial 5 years, we even helped each find or to be honest set each other with people we crushed on in the college. Things were fun. But as we grew older we stopped doing that. As he was a year senior to me and as his last semester was slowly coming to an end, I started having thoughts of losing him forever. Yes he would never, I thought to myself frequently. And thats when the butterflies started fluttering in my stomach and I swear, I was not enjoying it. I started overthinking and that led to me not eating properly, I became insomniac and my health effected drastically. My mom suggested me to clear out the doubts with him and let out my feelings if I had any. Yeah you guessed it too! I decided to confront him. His farewell function was to be organized by our semester and what could be a better opportunity to ask him. I prepared a little speech in honour of our seniors and attached a little part of my confession at the end of it. Yes that was a bold step I was taking but afterall he was my bestfriend. Before the speech our seniors showcased their talents and guess what, Arya was performing his favorite "Tum jab pass aati ho" by Prateek Kuhad.

"Its a suprise, wait for it Raiyu, I know you will love it", he said before his performance.

And my worst nightmare became my reality when he uttered those few words before he started singing.

"I want to dedicate this special song to one of my favorite human being on earth and has been a constant crush from a very long time," he said and my heart almost collapsed, " Nikita Baruah, this song is for you", and as he started singing a stream of tear ran down my cheeks. I ran, I swear I ran to my room and sobbed. Literally. I stayed there till the farewell got over. Nikita and Arya came looking for me.

"Where were you? Did you see how Arya proposed me on stage?", Nikita asked and I pretended to not know anything.

"You did?", I looked at Arya not expecting an answer," Well I felt sick and I left"

"Yes I did and I wanted to surprise you but you missed it, Are you okay raiyu?", Arya asked. My swollen eyes actually should have answered him but instead I nodded to a yes. I realized if I said that I wasn't okay then he would loose his stupid smile that constantly stayed on his face. I lied that I was happy for them and that I always shall be their greatest friend. Both of them graduated together and moved to Bangalore together for their futher studies. They still do contact me and Arya still continues to visit our family occasionally. I stayed back here and started practicing law in High Court alongside my LLM degree in the same college. Holding on to those memories that I still cherish. Realising just a factor that no matter how many butterflies flutter in your belly you can't hold it forever. They chase their dreams and go far away to achieve them. And when you love someone truly, you can't afford to let their happiness go away. And thats what I did. I decided to be happy in his happiness and his achievements. I hope we meet in some other stories, maybe in another life, maybe with a better ending this time. 
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5 months ago

Brooo. This is so good😭❤

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5 months ago