Birds of Broken Cage

She was leaving for that evening, my heart sank with every second. She was happy, she got a new Job, one of her dream job which she was trying to get through since a long time.
And I was happy for her as well.

But there was a fear, a fear of what will follow once she left, what will follow up for me. I didnt wanted her to leave and maybe if I would have asked, she would have stayed as well, for me, for us. But I didnt, I knew her happiness was above all. I went to drop her to the airport along with her parents and her brother, who were constatly stating her what to do out there. I silently drove the car, trying to keep that smile intact but getting harder every second.

Before leaving she came up to me and said “Thanks for everything”, with a smile on her face, her face glowed in the setting summer sun.

“Go, live your dream” I said

“That’s it?” she asked, I smiled.

Maybe if I would have said her not to go she would have stayed, I wanted her to be with me, but more importantly I wanted her to be happy. She was excited and I knew she would comeback to me. I let her go, making her free like a bird who was caged for long.

Its been 18 years since then and I still remember the day when she left, those 24 hours seemed to be the longest of my life. 18 years since then, she never came back, and life went on.
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