Nazrin Sultana

Happiness never comes to me by itself.I take it from the kind words I receive for my ability to write poems ; inspired from my melancholy or children who come with their parents to celebrate their birthdays with us.
My parents aren’t dead or maybe they are.I don’t know except for the fact that they abandoned me right after my birth because I happened to be a girl.Sister Margot brought me in this orphanage and saved my life.She gives us lessons on God and moral values .She tells us that forgiveness is a great virtue but how is it possible for a 11 year old girl who probably dies everyday out of grief.
Sister is particularly concerned about my apathetic behaviour and hence I am specifically taught how to be grateful for life and possess good manners. Every weekend we are taken to this nearby park to play.I am not interested in playing so I sit on a nearby bench and watch people.
I was accustomed to this daily humdrum of my life until one fine evening when an old man came and sat next to me on my bench.There was a weird silence between us.After a while he started talking.I was about to walk away but soon I saw Sister staring at me with wide eyes. I was obliged to sit there and listen to him.The man kept on talking about his old job as a clerk , how mobile phone is dangerous for health, the generation gap, the park, his wife’s alzheimer and his diabetes.It felt like he haven’t talked with anyone since ages.I wanted to run away as fast as I could but his voice broke in between and then when his words caught my attention. He lamented for not being able to see his only son for the past 11 years and the way his son himself became a stranger in their lives.
I asked him ,” How long are you going to wait?”
“I have stopped waiting long ago but my wife needs ne. Sometimes you need to hold on to your hope for people who treat you as their hope.”He replied with a smile.
“Will you forgive him?”I asked again with curiosity.
He replied , “If God forgives him I can forgive him too.”
“Will God forgive him?”I asked again
He paused for a minute and said, ” I don’t know but I always pray for his forgiveness.”
I couldn’t decide which could be more heartbreaking ; to be thrown away by your parents or to be abandoned by your only child.
I looked at Sister Margot and for the first time I felt happy.I found my reason to live

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Ritav Kashyap
6 months ago

It’s really heart touching

6 months ago

Wow,great work 💓

6 months ago