Woh Din, Chichorre

With every Farewell party, there comes Freshmen social, and so does College after School. The 101 faces whom we have encountered with since Kindergarten suddenly seems to fade away and with every tear of heartbreak, there starts a new rollercoaster beginning.

Unlike the college life of the reel fairyland fully packed-up with parties and no studies for sure; there barges in the pressure of deadlines, 75% attendence and of course exams in the real "Not a bed of roses" life. Out of all the miseries that college life makes possible, friends are the only angels to gift us a comforting pillow and a comforting feeling of "Home away from home".

Beautifully composed by Amitabh Bhattacharya; and Tushar Singh perfectly hitting the correct notes of the song, every college going face could relate to it.

Those were the days when responsibilities were less on our shoulders and we were carefree like birds, those were the days when friendship was for real and so borrowing, even if we had 10 notes of Rs 10; those were the days when happiness was real and so doing mischievous plans topped our list; those were the days when flirting barged in and so were the days when our crush greeted with a "Hello" leaving us wondering a dreamland with them; those were the days when we were high on dopamine and a diehard fan of Arijit Singh's songs.

The memories which we have made today will be cherished by us till we take the last breath and our heart will smile with joy recalling those happy times; and so does the song takes us down to the memory lane of our lives leaving us with tears of joy and a beautiful bittersweet scar on our heart FOREVER, waiting to be happily narrated to our dear ones.