I was hooked with the Netflix series Unorthodox after watching only 10-15 minutes of the show. The show is not based on fantasy or any trending issues among teenagers but it is based on harsh reality. The story revolves around the life of a nineteen year old girl named Esty who was brought up in a very orthodox Jewish household and society in New York. Her marriage was arranged with a guy to whom she said “ I am not like other girls” whom she finally met just days before her marriage. On hearing that he replied that different is good. He said that without realizing the fact that she was a different girl in the way in which she wanted her freedom and dignity as a person in the society where the most other women were content with getting married, having kids and silently following the patriarchy of the society. But Esty was way different. She took her first step to freedom when she secretly learned music in the society which thought women singing in front of men was an indication of sexual availability and not something that a good, ideal woman does. Women in her orthodox society was expected to have kids on the very first year of their marriage. She struggled with the expectations of society and due to extreme anxiety she suffered from vaginismus. Even after suffering so much at a tender age of 19,when she finally got pregnant and was about to announce the news to her husband, her husband blamed her for all the problems in their married life. He said her to be “the problem” when it was she who struggled with everything and tried to make a better life amidst every struggle and unnecessary expectations of the society. Finally after suffering enough she escaped to Berlin where she had citizenship due to her maternal family. She made her independent life there by auditioning for a music program and gathered the heart and the courage to raise her unborn child herself.

I loved the short series because it showed how a girl grew up with a independent mind in a society where sadly women becomes the major carrier of patriarchy. I loved the way she gathered the courage to escape and start a new life in a complete different country while belonging to the society where women becomes the silent sufferers and blames everything to fate for being born as a girl.