Sex Education

Tasmiah Azad
I guess when Otis said those lines to Maeve most of us could relate to it. Maeve was more or less convinced that people she cared about would abandon her at the end of the day, like her own mother did and she absolutely left no stone unturned to push people she cared for but Otis proved her wrong no matter how hard she tried to push him, he just stayed. Everytime Maeve needed someone to get her out of problems it was Otis, everything about her screamed of 'trouble' but inspite of that Otis chose her, he fell for her. Even though Maeve had no intentions of falling back for him she did anyways.

And when Otis said those lines I couldn't have agreed less, I mean once a lifetime we all have gone through a heartbreak and if you are unlucky enough you will have more than one heartbreak. Heartbreaks break us to the point where we think, we just can't do it anymore, everything that made sense to us at one point of time no longer makes any sense, we shut people out, we end up doing things we regret, we hurt every person who wants to heal us and then the guilt piles up. And if that's not enough we start praying for the person who have hurt us to come back, because at that point only being with them matters, we start attaching our happiness to that person.And to make the matters worse we start living in denial, we start justifying their wrong actions in the name of 'love'. But don't you think if they would have loved us they wouldn't have left us in the first place? Every problem has a solution and I believe as long as love remains all other problems become insignificant. It's just upon us how we make things work it has nothing to do with other circumstances. So next time you start praying for the comeback of the person you gave everything to just give it a thought that if they would have loved you, they wouldn't have left you. And stop living in denial. Know your worth someday somewhere you will come across someone who will choose you and keep choosing you no matter what but for now move on.