Fault In Our Stars

Tasmiah Azad
The Fault In Our Stars is I believe one of the most unpretentious tragic love story of the era. The story gives an account of Hazel, who can hardly remember life without cancer and has almost given up hope on her life. She then meets Augustus Waters, a cancer survivor, who reads her favourite books for her and hangs out with her and this helps her to gather strength. The two of them deal with cancer and love.This story is an inspiration for all those people who believe in love and has the courage to fight for it. Augustus gives Hazel reasons to smile,  reasons to live and most importantly reasons to enjoy life in its true essence but not every love story is suppose to have a happy ending. Augustus confesses that while Hazel was in the ICU he had a body scan which revealed his cancer has returned and spread everywhere.As his condition worsens he is less prone to his typical charm and confidence.But that did not stop Hazel from loving him, she realised that she was in love with him more than ever before.Augustus’s condition deteriorates quickly. In his final days Augustus arranges a prefuneral for himself, and Isaac and Hazel give eulogies. Hazel steals a line from Van Houten about larger and smaller infinities. She says how much she loves Augustus, and that she would not trade their short time together for anything in the world.And that moment I just couldn't help but cry and realise it's not about the amount of time you have spent with a person, it's about those sad and funny moments that count.Those moments gives us memories which are going to last a lifetime and we need to cherish those moments and appreciate the presence of that person who gave us the chance to experience those moments, to experience different shades of emotions. So what if you didn't have a happy ending, this world is not a wishing granting factory you need to find reasons to be happy, recall the good memories that the person gave you who's no longer a part of your life and just like that put a smile on your face and remember life goes on.