"Tu kisi rail si guzarti hein,
Mein kisi pul sa..thartharata hun.
Tu bhale ratti bhar na sunti hein
Mein tera naaam budbudaata hun."

The story revolves around two people, Devi and Deepak , residing on the banks of river Ganges. Although unspecified to one another,both of them is confronted with the hard realities of life. Grief is an indispensable part of life. While ,deepak is already crushed falling into the vicious cycles of  caste . It further adds up, when his love shalu, an upper caste girl ,dies. Ironical, how her family and she being into the pure caste met with an accident while travelling to the sacred temples of Badrinath. Aren't God more in favour of them ?

Devi, a daughter of Sanskrit scholar is fear stricken for being caught in a room with a boy. She goes through immense exploitation and bullying for ending a life of a gentleman, never mind it was consensual , she being " she" was wrong on her part .

It winds up the same way it began .While both the strangers, metaphorically related,  approaches a foot ahead in their lives shedding away their past. Life moves on just like a river ,twisted at times , its pace deteriorating at  intervals but no Matter what as is well said everything passes.  "All the worlds a stage and men and women are merely players "is what it stands forth.