Hain Teri Meherbani

I remember the day I saw you. Never thought, you would make such an impact in my life. From sharing little smiles to glances you always proved to be by my side. You were the happy and comfortable space to me who made my life a little easier. Sometimes I wish you'd stay longer, but, maybe we were destined for those few months only. Seeing you walk away made me cry for days, but sometimes, goodbyes are the only options life puts forth you. I wonder, how difficult it must have been for you to never turn back, but then again, I console myself saying that, it was never you but only me.

When you left, I tried to reach out to you by every means possible and everytime I did that I lost a part of myself in the process. But in spite of everything, I believed that that good times are on it's way. But your consistent ignorance made me realize the reality.

Now, when I look back, I think you were not wrong. I did take time but, I did manage to convince myself to leave that part of me someehere in a different world.

Guess what, I am completely out of your vibe now and this wasn't very easy, but I'm happy that I did. The scar that time had left with me will be forever fresh, but tears will no longer find it's way, instead a smile will catch me that I had the fortune to meet you in this lifetime.

Lately, this song has started giving me the peace I've been craving for. The deep lyrics in Jubin Nautiyal's voice have started doing wonders for me. This song will always remind me of you, a sad reality, yet a happy phase.
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