Five Feet Apart

Directed by Justin Baldoni, the movie "Five Feet Apart" beautifully portrays the 1001 reasons of loving our lives. Human beings are the most beautiful creation, they say; and so we are blessed with a life; we are breathing, we are living.

In the film, Stella depicts a strong urge to live despite suffering from Cystic Fibrosis; a deadly disease which has already taken away so many lives. At the starting of the movie, we see Stella's friends in her hospital room, giggling and laughing together followed by their efforts to make her happy. Later, we see her shooting videos about the disease and uploading on her YouTube channel which clearly portrays that Stella is a joyful soul who never misses an opportunity to enjoy her days at the fullest!

As the movie gets-up on the track, we see multiple versions of Stella. "The Stella" which finds happiness in looking at the babies; "The Stella" who regularly does her exercises, "The Stella" who never misses on her schedule of taking pills, "The Stella" who is hopeful, "The Stella" who is a firm believer that one day she will be able to visit the wonderful places on the Earth and feel the emotions attached with "Human touch".

On this journey of life, we get to meet several people; some builds us while some breaks us. Juggling with our roles that we play everyday, often we forget to take care of ourselves. There are times when we choose to make others happy neglecting our happiness; we choose to invest more efforts on others rather than on ourselves. Among eight billion people living on this Earth, how many of us choose to take care of our health? Or how many of us choose to take care of one's mental well-being? Well, the number seems to be very limited.

One valuable lesson that this movie has taught us is to love ourselves and loving oneself starts from taking care of ourselves. One should never lose his or her positive outlook towards life despite of all the negativity we have been carrying within us. If some day or the other we are diagnosed with a fatal disease, one indispensable part of our recovery happens to be our positive outlook towards defeating the invisible enemy.

"Five Feet Apart" has taught us to cherish the people whom we have in our lives; we never know what life unfolds in its next mysterious chapters.