Bulbul Can Sing

My father sings such lovely songs.
He wants me to sing but I can't sing

Bulbul(nightingale), her name itself reflects her father's long cherished dream for his daughter to become a singer.The preconceived association of Bulbul with singing whether she can sing or not with the expectation that she is supposed to does not affect her much .She is like a leaf blowing in the wind with lost direction in its own journey to find its destination without pleasing anybody.She lives in a blissful freedom amidst the pigs,the rain,the dirt floor with her two friends Bonny and Suman strangling between their fun and pain of adolescence and their quest to find their sexual identity in a strict and conservative background.She didn't know that her sweetest song would utter in the reminiscence of her friend lost forever.

Suman's evolution,his struggles with his identity,taunted as "Ladies" by his male companions contrasts a person's personal wants with societie's defined standards and expectations.
"How do you write poetry?"

If you fall in love it just comes out."

It captures childhood love on the edge between innocence and maturity .They are lost in the moment but they are unprepared.Their clashes with traditional and social standards leaves their life shaken with unfair consequences.The once flowing leaf is now quelled to the ground.

"If you listen to people too much
Your whole life will be ruined"

In her attempt to fill up the void in her life, she does find closure and warmth in another heart broken women.It is one of the unsung films that reflects patriarchy, different attitudes towards men and women but yet it has hope shining through like a rainbow and that change is possible, the fallen leaf can fly again ,that after all Bulbul can sing too.