You Burried It All

— Rikshita Bhattacharyya

The foggy winter array of mists drowned every figure in its wrists.The industrial smog that were rising above made the late winter moon even duskier.
The wind rushing by the glass window panes , brings in a few drops of dew;
Staring at the mauve and orange flames of the bonfire, my eyes seem to be searching something.
No country figure was to be clear at that hour of midnight, yet I stood at the front door,holding the door knob waiting to welcome you.
With each stroke of the minute-hand in the old wooden wall clock, my breaths grew deeper, heart pumped harder, with each flesh in my body getting adequate supply of blood, Yet my eyes seemed empty, my face seemed dull.
My golden-brown hair untied fell upon my back like the loose strings of a guitar,waiting for those tender hands to be run upon them to orchestrate the “guitar” that was once someones soul.Yet I stood there, blank, emptied-eyes.
Each winter night with the brisk wind seemed to be even more dead; knowing that your warmth was no longer soothing to me,killed me each day, ate me from within,engulfed me, sabotaged me with the pain of separation.
The cosy couch we laid upon holding each others hands,was no longer cosy.Yet my heart longed for that feeling, my eyes searched for those memoirs.
How we could spend hours gazing at each others eyes,those gazes were lost, yet for me those Eyes seem to be peeping through the silver lining of the clouds,
though My eyes were empty.
I hate the emptiness now.If only I could stop you that day, if only I could hold your hands that day, I curse myself for not being in the moment.
How the bullet might have teared through your heart ,the heart that once belonged to me, I lost it.
I can see you cry, see you utter my name, I want to hold you tight, ease your pain,yet I am handcuffed.
No farewell words to be spoken, no time to say Goodbye, even though my eyes seemed to Be empty, they were filled with some secret tears..
Ahhh!! I miss you dear,
Your country-love, your sacrifice, your prejudices rose above any emotions.It was your moral obligation that you chose to leave me amidst the way of life only for Country-sake.
You burried mine as well yours emotions, you forgot your promise to me of returning back.In doing good-deeds. You missed me So do I.yet you let go it all.
A Soldier, true by duty, true by heart, true by mind, were you.A true Indian Soldier to bury yourself for the country.
Yet I Miss You.