To the “Dreamer Us”

Ankita Das

Ahem ahem! Attention please. So I don’t know much about writing, forgive me if I make any mistake. This is a small message or a letter to all of you who is dreaming about their future and career.
Remember, when we were in school and teachers used to ask us what we want to be in our lives and we answered so confidently like I want to become a doctor, engineer, teacher etc etc. That was so easy. At that time we didn’t even realized that how far these dreams gonna us.
Time passed. Though it was tough, you made a dream. You want everything. You want everything to be perfect. You’re ready to give your hundred percent. You want to achieve all that dreams that you have been dreaming for years. So you have made all your plans and you are ready to go. And boom! Something went wrong. Maybe your plans. They didn’t work. You feel disappointed. Angry. Broken. You feel like giving up. You think you are a failure. You think you can’t achieve anything. Because through all the years you have been dreaming of achieving that dreams. You never think of this reality. And now you’re thinking of giving up. Wait a second, just because you failed to achieve that goal at first attempt, you think you’re a failure? No. Maybe you’re not just ready yet? Maybe you are not fully perfect yet? Maybe you need to try more harder? Yes, that’s the way. You need to try more harder, because giving up is not a choice.
These are the realities of life which we don’t want to accept. We never want to think of failure. We never want to face the hardships of life. No, failure is as much as a part of our life as success is. And you can never taste success if you’re afraid of failure. In order to achieve the goals you have to accept the facts.
While talking about reality, I would like to add one more thing. It is not necessary that if you have taken science after 10th, you have to be a doctor or engineer, or if you have taken commerce, then you have to do jobs only. It’s about your whole life. You have to do that for the rest of your life, so be careful with your decisions. In which age we do not even know the meaning of these things, in that age we are told to pick our careers. No, that’s not how it works. This is your life. You don’t have to be the same because you can always change your game. That’s in your hand. You are the controller, so just keep moving forward and do whatever makes you happy. Never give up, face the realities, face the hardships of life, fight for yourself, explore things, explore yourself. You can be anything you want to in your life. This is just the beginning. You have a lot to go.

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6 months ago