That Winter Evening

Walking through the busy street, our conversation ran deeper, with us being stricken by mixed emotions. 4th of December, 2013 it was. A cold evening and a hot cup of tea. He was leaving the next day. Don’t ask me why, just that he was.

I asked, “So, long distance. Huh?”
He stayed shut. Knowing not how to react or what to say.

We met three years ago, at the same place and coincidentally the same date and time. Remember, the 4th of December, a cold evening and a hot cup of tea. Everything stopped, when I first saw him. The restlessness in me turned to calm.

We were introduced, by a mutual friend. Swear to God that was the best thing that could’ve happened.

We did exchange numbers, start talking. Those sleepless nights, those deep conversations. Incomprehensible, as they were. First love is always special, they say knowing not how the next time would feel like. Your insecurities, trust issues and the fear of losing yet again kick back in.

But him, he was different. He’d help me overcome my insecurities. And, I’d fall in love again, smile and care without contempt yet again. Neither of us knew, how far we’d go for Love, in Love. Eventually, becoming a part of each other. Sharing things, bonding stronger than ever. We would be our constants through ups and downs in life, we’d go from thick to thin, supporting and loving us with everything in us.

Now, that he was leaving, I hope his love stays. I hope his care that I felt doesn’t leave with him, nor does his never ending efforts. Our love knew longer than give and take. We loved with nothing owed in return. Sometimes, Love means letting go. And, I let him go only to come back as the same person I fell in love with.

Lastly, for the least to say. I love you. Yours and OURS, forever.
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Bineet Dey
Bineet Dey
1 month ago

That’s beautiful ✨

Bedashruti Das
Bedashruti Das
Reply to  Bineet Dey
1 month ago

Thank you ❤