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—anonymous writer

Congratulations! you have your first date today, he/she is gonna be in the coffee shop at 5pm today, you sit down in a comfy place of the likings of you both. You both have your little gossips for a short time. you open your phone and see the coffee shop has free wifi, you connect to it and start surfing the internet, most of them insecure sites. then this constant loop of sweet conversations, sipping on coffee and surfing online goes on for another hour, and then you both say good bye to each other, promise to meet another day at the same place. it was such a fun time, right?

What if i tell you that the wifi you connected to in the coffee shop wasn’t actually set up by the coffee shop staff. a guy with a laptop and a wifi adapter three benches behind you set that up as a rogue access point to access the online activity of all the victims who connected to the rogue wifi connection. Now you even surfed the internet using the same rogue connection, maybe you even viewed some content or entered personal information in a site you wouldn’t want others to know about. and now using URL and network traffic snarfers, all that information is saved as a file dump in the laptop of a hacker. you and your friends are going out to visit the new hi tech supermarket in your city, it has automated doors, IOT connected lights and lift systems, the supermarket even has its own transaction website with exchange facility for non-indian currency as well. its just all fun and games and shopping for you, an average Joe. what does it look like to a hacker? we look for physical security vulnerabilities that can be infiltrated to sneak in, every IOT connected facility looks like an opportunity for us to hijack the vulnerable system. The online connection site is not secure? Great, then find ways through which you can extract user information via code injection parameters or DDoS the servers and take down the website as a whole. We look for the little OS design vulnerabilities in the IPads and computers in airports and malls, the world around us with all its fancy tech is a place for us to test our skills and also invent new ways of breaking into systems and personal devices.

what is the biggest weapon of a hacker? a very common question, what is it? is it the tools we use, is it our incomprehensible ability to find a way to break the code of impenetrable interfaces. no! its human stupidity, our work as hackers is not just limited to computers but reading minds as well. every person you see around you, is susceptible to a certain emotion, greed, lust, sorrow, loneliness, its these littlest of details because of which humans are always the perfect exploits if you can harness their minds into working the way you want. we all have received emails and text messages from nigerian princes, these texts are too obvious for some people to fall prey to, which is a good thing, but some still fall prey to it, mostly non tech savvy people and those blinded by greed so much that they fail to comprehend the fallacy behind the message. is it always something as obvious as some nigerian prince? sometimes you also get fraudulent emails, texts and calls from a banking service or something like that. people are more susceptible to fall for such scams, as the source seems legit. and distorts the consideration of the person to the fact that it might not be what he thinks it is. In this age of constant digitalization and increasing cybersecurity threat vector you better know what you are gonna be in for, if you are not tech savvy, better become one. indeed humans are such good exploits.

Many hackers are idealists and influencers as well. We see the bugs in the code of this world, and its governance engineered by the elites of business and the politics, they will control your education and media/information outlets and give you the false vision that everything is ok, that they are trying their best, and that their system is perfect, the corruption that you see being exposed to you in certain news articles is just a small fraction of a much bigger global scandal, a scandal which has a network of countless nations. Corrupt nations with no regard to human lives have taken the top rung of the global council such as the united nations and exercise the power of money and military to mask their misconduct of human rights and international laws. And you as citizens too, unknowingly donate money to further the extent of the disregard and corruption. the most famous example is the middle east, most of you all know about the humanitarian crisis in the middle east, something that has been going on since the last 10 years and claimed thousands of lives has come to the attention of the public now. Most of you might even have donated money in a bid to save whatever is left of Syria. But what actually happens is the total contrary of what you wanted. The money you donate ends up in corporate reserves and investors use it to fund terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Hezbollah, and even fund Saudi-American blockades which further degrade human life in the region. Your fundings of kindness and humanitarian aid are turned into fundings of war and misery. governments around the world such as the US and Brazil have even turned the coronavirus pandemic into an act of propaganda against other nations and using it to incite nationalist interests and hate instead of attending to the provision of cheaper, more accessible healthcare. This is not just the entire problem, and is neither just limited to Syria or middle east, the root of all these problems is ignorance, the ignorance of the people, people like you, and the creators of ignorance are the charlatans of your so called “religion”, who keep you hooked up to the drug of hope and worship, and so that it is easier to divide you and rule you, to prevent any major revolution against their corrupt establishments from happening. stories about our glorious past which were originally meant to teach everyone about the importance of life skills and moral assets are turned into metastasizing, science fiction stories, and garbled up with content which means nothing close to what the actual creation was supposed to mean and they are now accredited to certain religions who claim control of the knowledge regarding these so called- “sacred” texts then threaten and humiliate anyone who resists the control and addresses the fallacy of their poorly constructed franchises. These sci-fi franchises and their “religious” controllers then influence politics and break our bonds as citizens of one nation, and you an ignorant keep feeding on the drugs of religion because you feel good, you feel good to be separated from the reality. There is a famine in Libya, racism and slave trading is reorganizing in the middle east countries, human rights violation is an everyday shit in china and America, Muslims and children being murdered and raped everyday in India, and all you care about is which comedian joked about which sky daddy. this is why groups like anonymous, the GhostSec, the cicada, they exist, to remind us of the demons that haunt us, the ones we chose to ignore, they get sorted into the “irrelevant” list that our brain than erases, forever once we go to sleep. the irrelevant list is too important to some people, not just some it should be to everyone. Remember, every voice you raise against this world order, there is a glimmer of hope, for those affected to get a second chance.

Have you ever had that feeling? that feeling you get..when you are pulling the string of someone else’s life, that you make them think twice, thrice, hundreds of times to go through one simple decision, knowing that one wrong move, can make you leak all their secrets, and they have no other choice, but to succumb to total internal demise? its really powerful you know, being the very force, that will decide if someone will live or not. All of us, every person you see around you have their own internal conflicts, their own vulnerabilities in the code of their consciousness. I know a lot of people, from my field of work. there is something about some people, that truly bugs me, thats when i try to socially engineer my way into their minds, and their conflicts, their daily backstory bullshit and their…weaknesses makes me feel paranoid. What bugs me even more, is how flawless, and flaunting they are on social media, the desperate attempt to look appealing to others around them. guess its not their fault, cause people will expect each other to be the knight in the shining white armor, and if you cant satisfy their desires and wild lust, well then you will be left to die alone. This is why i am starting to distance myself from people, not cause i see their vulnerabilities, because i don’t want to hurt them, i don’t want to get so close to them that if sooner or later, if i might need to break those people, to get the information/access i want, i don’t feel guilty then. This is just a part.. of my profession.

where do i see myself and others like me? which position do we put ourselves in, in this intricate world order, more like global chaos. We like to see ourselves as the sysadmin, of the network of this world, every hack we pull off on the wide area corporate networks, we reveal dirty secrets about them. Like owning information they weren’t supposed to be keeping in the first place. Well it might be hard for you to hear it, but welcome to the era of digitalization, an era where your data is more valuable than you life. Where you sell of your information online for free and then corporates and the government exchange that data for millions, lol what a clown. People need freedom, not from a dictator, not from corrupt bureaucrats or law enforcement, who can get bribed by choco-chip cookies. they need freedom from themselves, from that part of themselves that they are unaware of, their own devils..the daemon processes, they silently keep running in the background of you system and keep tabs on your logs and notifications. you never see it in front of you, but time after time it will remind you that it exists, these daemon files have their own parent processes and file systems, for us religion, dirty politics and business are the parent processes, they keep monitoring our daemon devils, and keep us ignorant enough to not be aware of them. if the world needs further change, people need to stop ignoring their inner demons, fight them and terminate the parent processes. we don’t know how many more lives need to be lost for that to finally happen, i guess we cant save everyone. Somebody needs to die to save everybody. And i really wish i am there to see it all come down.

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subhasish paul
subhasish paul
6 months ago

Good points.nice reading