Darshana Parashar

Crimson. Vermillion. Lemon.
A little purple amidst the vermillion -the sky seemed to be a painted canvas to her half-gloomy eyes..
The steps from her room led to the smell of fresh coffee made by her most favourite lady.. The lady yelled, “Runa, get the clothes; it’s about to rain.” Black. Grey. White -the changed colors of the sky.
Quickly, she untied her bun, grabbed the basket and up to the terrace..
Loose shorts, a plus size T-shirt, bare legs & a mischievous smile;
She could hear only two voices was the thunder that peeped its head through the winds, & the other in her mind, “..yeh paani ki boonde, tujhe he toh dhoonde..” Water dripped continuously through her hair, the muddy splashes dirtied her ankles, some eyes also peeped through the opposite houses.
Who cared? She certainly didn’t.
That was the only melody she laughed and danced to..
The melody of the raindrops trickling through her skin into the earth..
Until, someone pulled her downstairs with a basket of wet, damp clothes. Haha..
Guess, who was still smiling? ———-