You Won !

You surely did an Amazing Job!
A job which you should have never done,
A job that every woman fears,
A job that you pride upon,
But that job left me crippled...

Yet, you did a great job!
The job of tearing me into pieces,
The job of taking everything away from me 
You made me loose my inner me,
You made me an object, an object of fulfilling your thirst!

And surely you did a "Manly Job"!
You made me realise that we are nothing,
Nothing in this patriarchal hierarchy,
Nothing but just a mere medium to produce,
To produce more employees for the same old Job,
Yes, the 'Same Job'!

I was sky-fetish once,
The night sky would bring sparkles in my eyes...
Yet, now everyday as the blue heavens above get filled
Filled with sparkling diamonds,
My eyes loosed its sparkle, the water casts a veil upon the glitters,
My innerself fears,
Fears that the old job would be performed again,maybe on someone else,
Yes, it was your job that brought about the changes,
Still, you did an "Amazing job" !!!

You fulfilled your tasks,
You succeeded  in being my master,
You won that Dirty Game....

It was your job, that made me fear womanhood,
Yet, you did A "Manly Job"
The job of "Raping Me" !!!
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Sampriti Sarma
Sampriti Sarma
7 months ago

Wow!! Such a lovely poem