When will this time pass?
As if the whole world has become still.
It's as if people are helpless!
It's as if the whole world has become lonely!

But now, as if our mother nature has got peace in herself?
Have time to breathe a little?
Now, those birds and butterflies can feel free to fly.
Those flowers are able to come out of their room without feeling shy.
And those trees? Those trees are able to dance with their heart!
Those cows, cats and dogs are able to talk with their friends, without the fear of being shot by the human's darts.

It's like, "What will happen now? Will the situation get worse or better?"
Yes! Why not?
But, we have to promise that we will take care of nature!

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7 months ago

You’re doing great. Loads of support.

Pragya Jonak
Pragya Jonak
Reply to  Isha
7 months ago

Thank you so much!

Last edited 7 months ago by Pragya Jonak