Voice of the Soul

Listening to music,
Even when it's too intensive
Those acoustics which were elusive...
Always working as a therapy;
Listening to its Melody...
Giving us a feel of something so heavenly,
Trying to understand its intensity;
Gives us more clarity of its density...
Playing Robert Johnson's songs of blues,
Bringing back old memories with some hues...
From Pink Floyd to Guns N' Roses,
Helping us forget all those life’s' chaoses...
John Mayer's romantic tunes,
Playing it on continuous loop...
Trying to understand Evils Ways' Santana,
Growing up with Camila's Havana;
Ed Sheeran's perfect, always making us feel we need someone to connect...
Sick Boy, Roses, Paris and closer,
From The Chainsmokers’ songs list;
We all know we need
Something just like this..
How it plays with our feelings, how it improves..
Listening to those mellifluous melodies in the long drives;
Or just sitting under those groves...
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Parikhit Roy
Parikhit Roy
4 months ago