Their Love Story

Krishnangi Parashar 🌻
Few years back, 
She saw him for the first time.
She wanted to say, "Hi!"
But nobody knew that she was shy. 
She asked herself, "Is this love?"
She didn't give it a try
Because she knew that
He would never choose her 
Even if she'll cry. ☄

Few years later, 
He saw her for the first time. 
Dared to say, "Hi!"
Everybody knew that he was shy. 
He asked himself, "Is this love?"
He knew that she loved him 
So he gave it a try. 
Her heart danced because
He chose her. ☄

Few months later, 
They decided to take the next step
With love, they carried on. 
The trust grew and they got closer. 
They dreamt of being together forever. 
People were jealous of them.
"I'll love you forever & ever", 
Looking into each other's eyes,
They promised. ☄

Few months later, 
Something happened:
Frequent arguments and
Misunderstandings grew. 
Just like in ordinary relationships, 
It was no more special. 
Both decided to leave, 
Because sometimes love means
Letting it go.