The tale of two bodies

Anisha Kashyap

‘I come from the land of thunder thighs, where I am adored as a bear’ says one
‘Glad to be named scrawny, nice to meet you dear’ says another
One named Fatty boasts, ‘I possess the bulging belly with a pair of saggy arms’
Skinny mutters, ‘I am a living corpse Honey’
‘Skinny Sweetheart’, Fatty growls, ‘You see not all dresses deserve me’
Skinny mumbles, ‘I stand a replica of bony proteins’
‘Darling, don’t you just need to hide your body’, questioned Skinny
‘Thanks for your interrogation, but your body is already hidden’. Hereby reigns Fatty
‘Miss Fatty, would love for you to know that cheese tastes cheesy and butter tastes buttery’
‘Do you ever hear the luxury of Keto diet, Skinny beanie?’
‘Don’t boast until you drop me my destination to prove me’ commands Skinny
‘Have your seat little Miss’. Demands Fatty lifting up Skinny
‘You are as comfy as my couch’ says Skinny with once in a blue moon smile.
‘A couch? Never realized I could be more than an employee in a dozing MNC’Spoke up rumpled Fatty.
‘I am swift as wind yet unnoticed like the roadside bin.’ in a soft tone spoke up Skinny
‘Skinny Sissie, none realize that red blood is Universal’
The Happy Ending? Both move to the Scotland of Inner Beauty