The proposal

~ The Silent Poet

Hey dear, are you here?
Im here for you, since 2012 or 11
when I was in class five you are also there,
You are the girl with the beautiful smile,
I was looking at you behind your eyes.
What was that feeling..was it Love?
I don’t think so.
Your hairs, eyes, and smile that attracts me
towards you and school.
I haven’t proposed you, as I don’t wanna lose you;
I don’t wanna get you, I wanna achieve you.
Still our friendship continues....towards infinity.
My imagination with you like
When you will be a tough sum, I will be your calculator,
You will be the messy hair, I will be your comb,
You will be mine, and I will be yours
Take this screenshot, I will come, show you and will say-
‘I am your The Silent Poet’
Hey dear, are you here?
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The Silent Poet
The Silent Poet
4 months ago

A good initiative done by the team blogbug.
A long way to go….Good luck to you guys.