The farce of labour life

Credits : @diaries_of_mad_moon
Priyongshu Paul
The roads, the flats, dams and bridges
Mansions and bhavans
Of the rich and the privileged ;
A thousand years of human society
And 73 years of our independence.

The structures that the world order relies upon,
All created and shaped by the one with the tools.
A nick of time in human history,
When imperialists were criticized,
Capitalists and nobles were plundered
A movement spurred far and wide;
A movement inspired by the dignity,
A movement inspired by the freedom,
A movement inspired for equality,
A movement for, of and by the workers
The miracle of Marxism
The miracle which inspired many more miraculous movements.
Miracles for, of and by the workers.

"Look at that man, if you don't study you will become like him when you grow up",
"He is so dirty, stay away from him",
So goes the daily prejudices upon the labourers.
How long will it take for the moms to realize?
That the private schools where their kids study,
The classy home decor bathrooms where they shower,
The clinic they visit for private checkups
Were built by the same Labourers she prejudiced against.
How long will it take for the privileged to realize?
That those who get dirty while labouring
Also deserve an equal chance
To live, give and get back.

They work at the brickyard,
They plough the rice fields,
They have starving kids,
They are the sons and daughters
Of their disabled mothers and fathers,
Everyday for them is just another day to survive and pray for hopes of fortune,
They get dirty in the dust and cement,
Or the muddy waters of the fertile soil,
Their children play in the hills of stone
For that is the only toy they have,
Their parents clutch their hands,
while suffering from a family disease;
For that's the only medicine they have.

did those governing this nation forget
The importance these workers have?
They are walking aimlessly on the roads,
traveling hundreds of kilometres,
Deprived from any sense of safety
And the security of medication,
What wrong did they do
That they were beat up so mercilessly
On the roads of Bihar?
Let me guess, their crime was
They wanted to go back,
To see their families
Their crime was that they seeked
The security of their own home
The happiness of their child
On seeing their parents return.
Their crime was they were too poor,
To afford first clas tickets on airlines.
Thier crime was that they were traveling
With nothing but the tools in their hands.

"History repeats itself,
once in tragedy then as farce".
The oppression, the prejudices
And the denial of rights,
History is repeating itself as farce.
And at what cost will the oppressors,
The capitalists, the rich and the rulers,
Will be reminded, that a civilization that fails,
To provide dignity, security and justice
To the workers who built it
Never deserves to thrive long.