Since our last rain

Atlanta Sarma
A night
Serene and dark
I was sleeping hugging the pillow
Feeling the warmth of the blanket .
It was 2 a.m.
The sky thundered
A rattling thunder with gusty winds roaring outside the window pane
knocks me up.
I slide the curtains
watching the slanting rain
hitting my window pane.
Blinding burst of lightning
made me scream in fear
Alone in a night feeling lonely
I rang you up,
Your voice like always soothed me.
With a sea of thoughts
I began to blabber
But my words failed to come out.
There was a voidness
and we kept the phone.
I lied to you
I didn't sleep after then
Alone and lonely staring at the pane
I wept, wept and wept.

Where did the charm go?
Where did we lose our fragrance?
Was it my fault?
Was it yours? Or us?
In the middle of the night
My heart cries since our last rain.
Will we again
sing poems of love in the rainy nights.
It was suffocating me
I opened the window
And crawled under under the blanket.
Darkness shall close my eyes
and I will sleep dreaming
maybe one day
We will sing songs of love
and dance in the rain again.
This time the fragnance
will stay forever among us.
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7 months ago

Nice poem keep it up

Tapan das
Tapan das
7 months ago

Nice.lovely poem

Atlanta Sarma
Atlanta Sarma
Reply to  Tapan das
7 months ago