She is a survivor

Tasmiah Azad

What are fireflies if they are confined to jars?
What are dreams if they are restricted to mere thoughts?
What are hearts if they are bound to cages?
What are women if they are locked up in their homes?
They don’t see ‘her’, they see an object
In an ocean of judgments and stares,
She drowns herself in remorse
There are times when she loses herself
To all those rumors and abuses,
But then she rises like phoenix
Surrounded by burning embers
Embers like her friends and family,
And the embers of her own ignited spirit
When she stands up tall and mighty
fight for her body, to fight for dignity
You see something, something different,
And you realize it’s self love.
She teaches herself not to breakdown,
When she was asked how she was stripped down.
How she was violated, how she was muffled
How she was torn apart
That’s when you realize she was not a victim, but a survivor
She’s more a fighter, then she is her.