Over For Us

 Pranjana Borah
I could catch unicorns,
if it was not for you,
I gave up on my dreams only for you.
Then you went around fooling me,
what makes you think it can be fixed with an apology?
Its over now,over for you and me,
if I can remove my matte lipstick,
so can I,your memories in just a blink.
Your loss,your loss,baby I'm gold,
one in a million,
no stocks left to be sold.
If you think you're a hunter,
hello I'm artemiss,
what makes you think you can escape the wrath of this goddess?
You think I'm crying for you and sad?
oh please!I'm actually glad,
I bleed everymonth and not die,
what makes you think then that for you I'll cry?
Now that I'm set free,
I'll dance in the rain and sing,
while you take someone else to bed,
with a fake promise and ring.
Hope your mother had told you betrayal is a sin,
but never mind go to hell my darling.