Ornamented Starnds 

The art delicately ornamented with smoothness, that swallows all woes in, 
along with a tranquil breeze, drapped abundant of placid tones.

“Down to earth, keep 'em falling when I know it hurts. Going faster than millions miles an hour, tryingbto catch my breath someway somehow.
Down to earth,
Its lile I am frozen but the world still turns, stuck in motion but the wheels keep spinning round, moving in reverse no way out.”
Infinity by one direction....

This music drags me in for metaphors.
How infinity is measured? 
By countless stars, or wide vast ocean!!
Or tremendous flows of unrendered memories that flips ahead of me. 
Someday, look at the diverse wisdom inside it, scripted in epitomes of love, turning those ivory printed pages, of unbelieveable notes of words, tuning it to a measureless paradise.
I guess this probably a part of, how infinity feels like.

“Shayad kabhi na kehe sakoon main tum ko, kahe bina samajh lo tum sayad. 
Jaha tum naho......rahenge ham nahi.
Na chahiye kuck tum se zyada tum se kam nahin.”
Shayad by Arijit Singh.

Love is in horizon of fire flies, that blazes out all errands of halfgone journey,
when stuck with the air of it. 
And its rare to embrace it with care. Picturing its possessions and hurdles merged, but mere to leave a curve edge endangered. 
I guess this is how love appetites in, or a part of it.

“We are not who we used to be,
We are just two ghost standing in the place of you and me. Trying to remember how it feel to have a heart beat.”
Two ghost by Harry Styles

From knowing a person, to reculsing their reality. Create from star dust, then leaving it for ashes. 
Its just disturbed grin transfered within, helping the finnex rise with disgrace. Its chokes you from the turb, but you try ro drag till the end. 
A piece of hoe heartbreak sometimes feel like. 

“Sweet creatures, had another talk about where its going wrong. We're still young. We dont know where we are going, but we know where we belong. 
Sweet creatures wheteever I go you bring me home.”
Sweet creatures by Harry Styles.

Sweet creature haunts some part of you like angels, thats stubborn to make you feel home and search the best part of you within your soul to dominate your demon. Because you know where you belong, with the sleek poential you have it along. As it inspires to hit you.

This art often sculptures soft whispers that elasticate strands of words, condensing the mind and never surrenduring the soul.
Thate you get inspireres, kindness, talents and noted vocals. Grabbing all people's obssessions to it. 
There you hold your mundane spirits, ro vibe in for more insane happiness. 
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4 months ago

Keep going ☺️

Akanksha Bharadwaj
Akanksha Bharadwaj
Reply to  Ankalesh
4 months ago

Thankyou so much