~Anjista Nath

 living on borrowed oxygen
a pipe underneath their nose
meeting as a fellow patient?
well, hospital’s not a place to get pretty close
her text was pretty much enough
to complete his day
they seemed to be in love
despite of their souls, so grey

oh! This cursed disease
snatched everything from her
why shouldn’t she steal just a foot
to come a bit closer?
this five feet between ‘em
was a barrier they couldn’t break
though their heartbeats had synced
they couldn’t hold hands for the other’s sake

he wanted to drown in ecstasy
and hold her close to him
life is unfair thought he
but it was just the prelim
the lack of touch couldn’t fade their love
oh good lord never!
cuz Will found his very first priority
~ to love Stella forever

“Stella, I want you to be safe, from me!”
when you love someone you’ve gotta let'em go
“ all I want is to stay with you
but this cystic fibrosis is such a foe”
leaving with a heavy heart
a pipe underneath his nose
their eyes filled with tears
that’s what their destiny chose.

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