Marcella ~ To you

Lost in the pyramid of darkness,
Sweet lullabies echoed her sadness,

Walking up to her baby,
Frazzled and overwhelmed,
Not knowing the reason of cries,

Screamed and wailed in despair,
Rushing down the hallway,
With a burning cigar in her mind,

Looking at her broken soul in the mirror,
Tried to touch the bare face,
Memories of her kids went rushing out,

Held her baby up the cradle,
Tried to calm her,
The constant crying shriveled her more,

You put her in the cradle,
Took a pillow,
Calmed her forever,

The burial couldn't keep you together,
Nor catching the malefactors could,
" Lost in the inflicting
personality of yourself ",

Tried to hold yourself up,
An illicit affair, fragmented you more,
Thought you could resist,
The Anger in yourself,

It made you the killer of your soul,
Voices of dead echoed under the bed,
Lost a family that was long held,

Blamed no one but you,
Your illnesses, your mind,

Tried jumping off the sundeck,
Rav held you,
Like a soft flowing river,

For a moment you had your soul back,
Episodes went running down the terror filled eyes,

Scared of losing yourself more,
You ran and ran,
Until you felt your heart stopped,

But you were Marcella Backland,

"The Marcella who never stoped chasing life."
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Akanksha Bharadwaj
Akanksha Bharadwaj
4 months ago

Amazing writeup