Lacuna – a blank space

Bidisha P. Kashyap

“It is a small,small world”
I smile everytime I hear this line
And look up at my lover, who looks at me confused
I sign my hands expressing those words; letting him
He smiles and gestures a thank you to the stranger
Busy streets, crowded cafés
Noisy coffee machines, clanking of crockery
Angry customers, heavy traffic
Is all what my mornings sound like
But in the evening when I sit by the balcony,
sketching furiously on my notepad
I look up to see my lover’s eyes fixed on the pencil
I gesture, “What is it?”
He looks at me and throws his hands in the air
“I wish I could listen.

The sound of the tip of that pencil against your book,
That song you listen to during you shower
That rhythm you murmur every night before
I look at him as he continues.
“The crowd, the cars, birds…
I wish I could hear them.
To hear you. To me.To hear you. To me.
My head is a really empty space.
A dark void.”
He smiled. A sad smile.
And I feared to say a word.
To move an inch.
That night as he slept quietly by my side
I crossed another day in the calendar,
He leaves for home tomorrow.
12978 miles.
Maybe it isn’t a “small,small world” afterall
But I wonder how he manages
To get through his “quiet,quiet world” everyday.

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Raja Bikram
Raja Bikram
5 months ago

Good Work. Keep it up