Her Diary 

I opened her diary after 22 years.. 

I fell for him and he fell for me, 
But we were unknown about it. 
Maybe, because we were kids, 
But the universe knew about this. 

He left his home sweet home
And I waited for months and years, 
But how would a teen have 
Such a mature mind, 
To clear that blur? 

Oh my man returns, 
My 20th bday surprise! 
Again: I fell for him and he fell for me, 
But why did he act unknown like a kid? 
But I'll wait forever, I promised myself. 

"You're aged now", he joked
Because I finished my college then. 
There was a girl standing next to him, 
He said, "Here's my soulmate."

I was broken, 
The eyes reflected "our" childhood. 
My pain hollowed my chest.
A living hell I'm left, 
Did you betray? 

Did it fly away, 
Because I believed? 
Oh those 2:47 am chats meant a million, 
'Cause to escape you, is escape myself. 
And now, this is what I claim? 

Time walked by... 
Delusion grew and destroyed. 
It shattered the truth, 
And the tears moist
My dry, withered skin. 

I healed and restarted. 
I found the soulmate
For the entire life. 
Who would crave, 
For the pleasure he needs 
And returns me with some more. 

Aaahh, house was full
And full of noise, 
As our babygirl was no less
Than a happy-happy-tool. 

She grew up, 
And I promise to keep her happier, 
Until my death
Because god made me realise, 
That falling for the first time
Is a sign of danger. 

Now, how do I tell you mumma that I fell in love with 'His' son. How?

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