Girl With a Broken Heart

A Heart filled with pain,deceived by lies.
Feelings bitter and hard;hatred burning.
A flood of tears,giving her all red eyes.
Will the tide ever be turning?
Even through her heart,he has been destroying,
life seems so nice to him,he still enjoying.
She is alone, all alone with a heart full of hurt.
She shouts it out loud,but remains unheard.
Lust for revenge,she find in her heart;
making suffering and pain to be worse.
She wants peace,but where does she start;
all she feels,is hatred. It feel like a curse.
Then she prays for help and support from above,
for her lonely heart that seems to have lost all love.
Soon,the idea of forgiving seems to grow stronger.
She doesn't want to hate for much longer.
Once she manages to forgive in her heart,
grief seems suddenly to start falling apart.
Tears may come back on and off,
but she become able to live,love and laugh.
Truly the cure for a broken heart
begins when the forgiveness will start.
Whoever decides to keep hatred so strong
Will continue to hurt and be bitter all along.
Hatred is like venom that prohibits one live;
the antidotes is to find it in our heart to forgive..