Gifted Wisdom

Priyongshu Paul

What if we could see it in each other’s eyes
The reflection of our inner feelings?
What if love could be conveyed,
From miles and miles apart?
If so, then the two unfortunate lovers
Who were lost in the depths of the busy suburbs,
Would be assured destiny be on their side.
If so, then we could confess our heart out
To that secret person we so much love,
Before wishing the moon a goodnight heart.

What if the eyes could peer beyond the clouds, into the void of the universe
To see the real fault in our stars.
What if our eyes could reveal the flaws within the lot of us.
If so, then would people be still accepting and supportive enough?
Or remain the uncaring lackeys as they are?
What if our eyes were granted the vision
To forsee our fortunes and shortcomings,
What if we could see where our hope and efforts would land us.
Will people still accept the best moments and live for them.
Or be cowards, and give up?

What if this and that, what if blah blah blah

So many dreams, visions, possibilities
To have a glimpse of!
Sure that will turn us all insane
And go crazy on the neighbor’s driveway.

We were designed with limits
Limits in our senses and our vision.
We have to accept the very moment as it presents itself to us.
Not once or twice,
but throughout the span of our intricate lives.
And that bestows upon us qualities
Of experience and prudence.
You can still see beyond the moment,
And predict and turn the favours,
With your limited vision!
For accepting the moment as it is
Grants you the gift of wisdom.