The world is for winner
Oh dear loser
you're not welcome here
Your mummy was a winner
Your daddy was a winner
Ohh dear loser
You're not welcome here
Your life is devastated
You shouldn't smile like that
You're unable to make a secure future
Why you're enjoying your present.?

You suppose to cry like hell
You suppose to stop talking well
Ohh wait, you're still smiling.
Ohh dear you'll be called shameless
For the world you're a shameless loser
Little do they know
You're losing coz you're trying
You're trying coz you're a fighter
Ohh wait, but the world is for winner
Creepy winner
And you're not welcome here
Ohh dear fighter, you should stop now
All they wanna say is you suppose to die now
Coz the world need winner
Not fighter
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Tumr moromr Rohimola
Tumr moromr Rohimola
4 months ago

Ohhhh jaaan dukh nokoriba….akelge dubile akelge dubim….