Bucket list of a Dying Man

Mridusmita Barman
As a man whose last breath is as precious as Elixir; I'd still like to live a 'life without regrets',
IV dripping into my body; my skin the shade of autumn maple.
Still I'd like to do some things before I close me eyes,
1. I'd rewatch "The Dead Poet's Society" and imagine myself reading verses of Wilde, Frost and Whitman in an elfin grot
2.I'd paint Van Gogh's "Starry Nights" on my canvas and let it symbolise life rather than death
3.I'd listen to Bach and Mozart's oldest masterpiece and feel at ease with myself.
4.I'd paint the ceiling of the hospital room in stars and pretend to lay underneath the stars with my Daisy by my side,listening to "here comes the sun" all night long
5. I'd not live like Johnsy in "The last leaf" did;counting the last of moments of life at the ends of my finger.
6.I'd rather have a king size feast like Jesus in " The last supper" did.
7.I'd smile at silly polaroids from first date at 11th avenue,of first dance at Mary's wedding, of afternoon volleyball matches with Jake,of the treehouse that has been around since ages and be content with how lucky I was
8.I'd watch re-runs of Doraemon with three year old Jack just to hear him say,
"Grandpa you're my personal Doraemon"
9. I'd call upon my family and friends too;sour loser John and bunny toothed old baker Jane,
Jessie,Marlow and forever young Jade too and tell them how much this old man loved them
10.I'd ask them to plant petunias by my grave
And on my grave this be engraved
"Here lays Peter and now he's off to Neverland"