A Lyric Instead

A knight dressed as a warrior,
summon served to break all barriers.
Tricks his hand slashed with scratches,
blood trips out through all edges.
Untill, staunches and stops.

In his pliable voice,
words that couched the soul for a choice.
spoke about his passion and possessions. 
He had it fierce,
to live, to rise, to love in precise.
He was a lover in disguise.

Love sometimes die in predictory fulfillments, like brotherhood in a relation.
Of past triggers situations that riled,
later embraces solace with seasonings of dust, or say stardust!

Rather, he poured his heart,
desperately lemented all sorrows,
ambivalently understood miseries,
but, dealyed his soft wantings.

He again probably went unrecongnised,
as a lover in disguise from sight.

“ Well, I completed his half done letter or a lyric he tried to write. 
Like he says-- 
When a poetry sounds like lyric, I want to sing a song. For you”
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