Sehzadee Muskan

I wish I could leave all these and just run away,
Because it is getting difficult day by day.

Scored 90% by hard work and God's grace,
But the next phase is different in my case.

Dance and art were my hobbies,
Also played the guitar with a little follies.

Society said that "These as goals are useless,
Focus or your life won't run with smoothness".

Relative said "Take your time and think,
Such a career would make your life shrink".

Mom and Dad were very strict,
Our opinions would always contradict.

With a bold voice they commanded me directly,
"Target to become a Doc and study properly".

I didn't had any words to utter,
Doubting if my opinion would really matter.

That night I could barely sleep,
All I could do was to sit and weep.

I could see my ambitions being hanged,
Life is something that cannot be pre planned.

I wish I could get back my childhood days,
And happily do anything in my own ways.

Handling such teenager pressure is very tough,
Road of my life seems quite rough.

God! This is unbearable this way,
It is getting difficult day by day.