It's not about a calendar or a clock,
the body will show the most accurate time.
And every time something hurts,
that body warns, asks, prays:
Say unspoken already once,
and listen everything you delay to hear!
There is so much, so much accumulated!
Finish what you started, do it, put an end to it,
pack, put away, donate, return …
There is so much, so much!
Visit if you're miss someone,
say you love who you loved,
hug the one who needs your hug …
Back pain says you don’t have much time.
Write letters, give a gift, save a photo.
Chest pain ticks seconds!
And there is so much, so much!
Get wet in the summer rain a few more times!
Take a walk, the mowed meadows are calling you
and put a red flower in your hair …
What are you waiting!?
The pulsation in the temple beats for minutes …
And there is so much, so much!
Read books that are waiting
for better days on the shelves.
If you can't travel already,
let them take you around the world.
Because the pain on the left side
counts down every moment rapidly.
And so much, so much is unfinished!
And you are waiting!
What are you waiting for?
For the one who won't call, to call you!?
For the one who will not love you, to love you!?
For him to be the one, who will never be!?
And the weakness of the body that goes out,
relentlessly your seconds, minutes, days …
And warns:
You won't make it, you won't make it!
And there are so many unheard melodies,
untold stories,
unwritten verses,
unread books,
unseen cities
unwhispered words,
unembraced shoulders…
And the body warns:
You don't have time!
Change something!
You won't make it!

Oh, there is so much, so much in me!
I’m really not ready to leave yet!
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P. Sarma
P. Sarma
2 months ago

Golly Glee! Nice one