To The Smiths

~ Ruchita Gautam

To The Smiths, 

I am a person who reads out every lyric in a song, sings and dances to it until bored, and analyses every small hidden meaning in it. And when I had merely convinced myself not to analyse every word in a song, you guys gave me your most famous one. And here I remain, studying every haunting fragment of Asleep.

And how am I not supposed to scrutinize it? I am a curious little 15 year old waiting to get out of her house, away from her parents to live in a different city. A very cliché dream, as we call it, nevertheless I wish it in that manner. As a teenager I am often judged for talking about mental health since people say, "You're just a kid" or "Another attention seeker" or "You have no clue what you're talking about". No, I am not depressed. But it is really not necessary for a person to actually go through something to talk about it, I mean that's what I have been taught. And I want to know and talk about it.

The meaning of the song Asleep is suicidal but Morrissey, you have my heart. You make everything a little more bearable with that voice of yours. Whenever I feel like things are falling apart, I listen to Asleep. It makes me want to go to a delicious never-ending slumber even though it means I would never be able to see the dynamism of this world again. However, living and dying isn't in our hands. So, thank you The Smiths. Asleep never exhausts me, instead makes every pain endurable.

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