To Prateek Kuhad

Manas Pratim Sharma

Dear Prateek,
This letter was a long time coming, I just didn’t find the exact words to ornament it with. To tell you the
truth I still don’t. There are no mistakes but happy accidents in music, being a music-muse myself I have
always believed in the same. But, your songs makes me believe otherwise. While people would spend
hours in hopes of the perfect accident to shape up their next piece of art, your choice of words are just
beyond the capabilities they carry within themselves.
A lover of the language English, I always have been constantly amazed of the possibilities of creations
they promise. But, your works, they hardly carry a couple dozen of words and yet mean the entirety. At
times I am amazed that so less words could mean so lot, carrying different meanings to different people.
Your songs aren’t just pieces of soothing music to be heard half drunk on an unevenly planned midnight.
They represent so much more. They are reassurances, they are messages that every time mean a scale
different to what they did the last time. They are our own stories that never could have escaped our
ailed lives, made public for everyone else to note.
Every single time that you strike a chord, compose a new melody, write a new set of words to the
absolute genius juncture that you always do; someone, somewhere undergoes their redemption. Your
songs have meant lives to some of us, building up, restarting them and living them on the assurances
they provide.
From quitting your Job in New York to following your passion, your aren’t just a melodious voice that the
audience today is in love with, rather you’ve taught us how worshiping things you love and channeling
energies to the right places can take you places.
From, ‘A shot of Alcohol’ to ‘Pause’ it has been a tremendous journey of unearthing people’s lives and
painting them up as pieces of Art. As they say, a right observer could even observe beauty over a lover’s
ailment, you have always seen the part where everything ugly strikes a chord with beauty. Of how
ailments, sufferings, confusions everything that may represent a mess to all else, seem sheer beauty to
an Artist’s eyes. It’s needless to say how you mean so much to us, how your songs have been life
manuals to our emotion-ridden lives and how there could be absolute peace between strings of guitar
and magic-spun words in this world of Chaos.
Another budding Artist on your footsteps creating his own journey.