To my mother

Nisshat Sheikh

To my mother with love,

When you sent me away from the warmth of your arms, you gave me a list of do’s and don’ts, which I readily accepted; I neither questioned nor asked for any reasons. You taught me “Mother knows the best”.

I still remember you joking about several things which even I used to laugh at but now hearing the same, ridicules me the most. I know my brother likes dancing on the songs of Helen or Sridevi, but it does not give you the right to taunt him as “why are you behaving like a girl?” I wish you had listened to his heart.

You taught me how to behave well in front of others. But why didn’t you teach me question that brother-in-law of yours who touched me inappropriately? Why did you say to leave it? Because it will affect my aunt’s family relations? But you being the same person shouted on the streets when a boy touched me again inappropriately. Why? Only because it was outside the four walls of the house and it would not affect the family relationships. Why do you want to continue these unfriendly standards of patriarchy within the house?

You never allowed me to have a voice in any of the family discussions. Why? Because , my gender expects me to be submissive? Why Mother? You asked me to wear clothes that cover my body but why didn’t you teach me to question anyone who gives me uncomfortable stares. You teach me to progressive but what kind of progressiveness is that which does not even allow me to breathe freely? 
To my dearest mother, I wish you would have let me be free from my childhood. You asked me to question at class because those are the characteristics of a good student but you never expected me to question at home perhaps they may be the characteristics of a responsible human. I wish Mother, you had taught me the power of  questioning.

With love
Your daughter
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5 months ago

Amazing work Nisshat!!!! 😍😍

5 months ago

Wow! Well written.