Dear Marco,

I don't agree with Elle when she called you a 'snack' because how on earth could she call you a 'snack' when you are a 'full course meal'. With that guitar in hand and the smile that can melt anyone's heart you managed to look more than fine and definitely made your way to my heart the moment my eyes laid on you.

I won't deny the fact that Elle and Noah look great together and I want them to get married,have twins and have a happily ever after.But does that always happen? Well happy endings are overrated!

Most of us out here in the real world end up like you. End up giving everything to the person we love without expecting or getting anything in return. Feeling helpless that the person we love and want to have a forever with falling for someone else. But inspite of that we cannot help but fall in love with them all over again probably that's how a human heart works, each time our heart breaks we start feeling more intensely for the person and not less. And the feeling just won't fade away. After all that's love and you proved us yet once again how beautiful one sided love is.

When Elle started having problems in her 'long distance relationship' with Noah and her best friend Lee you were there for her. You made her feel that she mattered, you gave back her long lost confidence, you gave priority to her needs and dreams.

You understood how badly Elle needed the prize money to pay her admission fees at Harvard and without expecting anything in return or obligations you decided to help her. But the best yet the worst was yet to come, you started feeling for her, you fell for her despite knowing that she was with Noah and given a choice she would always choose Noah over you. But when you fall for someone you don't usually think what's right or what's wrong you just fall for the person. And expect everything to make sense eventually.

I can well imagine the turmoil inside your mind when you kissed Elle. I could feel the depth of that kiss and that feeling is well too familiar.Every bone in your body must have stopped you from kissing her but you just couldn't help yourself and kissed her, well knowing the fact that would ruin your friendship with her and create problems in her already 'problematic relationship' still you took the risk because life is all about taking the risk and expecting the best. Unfortunately worst happened in your case, you lost her.

But you know what Marco? A guy like you deserves so much more than just being a 'second option' or being 'a swing along'. You deserve to be someone's priority, you deserve the love, care and support. You mean so much to me and probably always will because you taught me life is at times about taking the risk, life is at times about only 'giving' and not 'taking' and most importantly you made one sided love look beautiful yet once again.

A girl who believes you deserve more than
being someone's second option
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Akanksha Bharadwaj
Akanksha Bharadwaj
2 months ago

I just remember, when Elle kisses Marco goodbye in kissing booth, serching to stop Noah. But its just so more of him that he concerned for her. Wondefully written, great work.✨