To Conan

Dear Conan, 

No matter how amazing , mediocre or bad my day was, at the end I always find myself seeking comfort on my bed with your songs playing by my side. There is something in your voice, I have no clue what it is but it really makes your songs get stuck in my head, playing on repeat. You are not just another artist whose songs I casually sing in the shower, you're so much more than that to me. To you I'm just another fan boasting about how good your songs are, but to me, you are a driving force that makes me feel safe. I have always tried to run away from my emotions but you have given me the courage to feel them, to embrace them. I've finally realized that emotions don't make you vulnerable but instead they strengthen your core, the Heart. The melancholy in your voice mixed with all the emotions you feel make me stronger, as if I'm ready to take on any challenge that's thrown at me.

When you finally told the world about your life and every chaotic thing that you faced in a single video, it just made me realize that we had already heard your story, portrayed in your songs.

I'm not much of a writer, well especially because I don't have my way around words. But this time I couldn't stop myself from writing about you Cone, because when I found you, I found a piece of myself. From singing about how much the world hates kids today, about how much you miss your childhood, to talking about how you're ready to grow, you just expressed everything I think of but in a way that I could never.

You made me learn that this world does not work in the way we want it to but there will always come a time when everything will work out, in your words,
"Oh! And I'm afraid that's just the way the world works, it ain't funny ,it ain't pretty and it ain't sweet.
Oh! And I'm afraid that's just the way the world works, but I think that it could work for you and me .
Just wait and see
It's not the end of the story."

Cone, I dont ever dream of meeting you. But even then please know that your fans love you. You don't need to be Heather because you are you, you are Conan Gray. You are the person who taught us so much about life through your songs, the person who supported so many people through tough times.

Thank you, Thank you for everything.

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